5 Kryptowährungen in die man 2018 investieren sollte

Cryptocurrencies rapidly gained popularity in 2017 with the breakthrough of Bitcoin. Today, thousands of investors and private individuals are trading virtual currencies every day, with the prospect of huge profits. For some of these cryptocurrencies, the train has already left. Bitcoin, for example, has been fluctuating sharply since its record high late last year and barely offers a safe investment. That’s why many investors are now turning their attention to new cryptocurrencies that have the potential to increase their wealth. We’ll show you the 5 cryptocurrencies, with the best chances of success you should invest in 2018.

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ICON, short ICX is the first cryptocurrency on this list. This is a relative new virtual currency that is still in its starting blocks, with a current market value of $ 10. ICON promises to solve the problem of many separate cryptocurrencies by connecting different blockchains. The main goal here is to integrate ICON into the real world and take advantage of the many possibilities of blockchain technology. For example, the blockchain could be used for identification purposes and to simplify payment transactions. With its numerous advantages over other cryptocurrency ICON has already aroused the interest of countless investors in the form of banks, companies and private individuals. That’s why many experts believe that ICON can be very successful once,

Monero (XMR)

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Next up is Monero , XMR for short. The value of this cryptocurrency has risen sharply at the end of 2017 and continues to follow a positive course of health care. The reason for this is probably that Monero offers a major advantage over other cryptocurrencies: it relies on 100 percent privacy. All transactions made with Monero are safe, private and not traceable. Although other cryptocurrencies also provide much anonymity, Monero has perfected this system. For this reason, Monero has tremendous potential, especially for banks, because transactions can be carried out completely safely and privately. Because of this, many investors believe that the cryptocurrency could become really big in the future.


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The third cryptocurrency on this list is IOTA, which many experts consider the 2018 cryptocurrency. The price is currently only about $ 3.60, but investors speculate that the currency will rise to at least $ 5 by the end of the year. The reason for this is the great potential of IOTA. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, IOTA worksnot with a blockchain, but operates with the help of a tangle. This system is much faster and more flexible, creating new possibilities in the world of crypto technology. Leading companies as well as Microsoft and Samsung are already working together with IOTA to plan the right conditions for a possible future integration. If these plans become reality, the value of IOTA will rise sharply, making it the most interesting investment on this list.

Ripple (XRP)

Ripple currently has the second highest market capitalization of any cryptocurrency, behind Bitcoin. After a rapid increase in value at the end of last year, Ripple currently has a value of about $ 2. Ripple enjoys the support of many investors and is regarded, among other things, as one of the most useful cryptocurrencies. Interpreted, it is principally in the financial sector. In the future, Ripple will enable fast and affordable global transactions. In doing so, it not only acts as a cryptocurrency, but also as a payment processing system. Many banks are already interested in the system and are working with the developers to make their vision a reality. Due to these highly interesting applications Ripple has a lot of future potential and is therefore an investment,

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Omise Go (OMG)

Finally, there is the crypto currency Omise Go, which is still at the beginning of its development. The cryptocurrency price is currently around $ 23 and experts see huge growth potential. The Ethereum-based system generates money through transactions. This means that your investment will profit by itself while the number of users increases. The main objective of Omise Go is to address the huge market of the non-bank population. For people who do not have a bank account, it is much more difficult to carry out transactions and the risk of having a lot of money is also very high. The cryptocurrency wants to solve this problem and also to make payment transactions more secure. Although this vision is still far in the future, Omise Go is therefore a very interesting investment.

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The number of cryptocurrencies is constantly growing and thus the investment options. This list includes only some of the cryptocurrencies that are most promising in 2018. So, if you’re interested in trading cryptocurrencies, you definitely should not disregard IOTA, Ripple, and Co.

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