Die besten Bitcoin Börsen 2018

Bitcoin is currently the most popular and most traded cryptocurrency worldwide. Every day a large number of investors buy and sell the virtual currency. For this they use an ever-increasing number of Bitcoin exchanges. These vary in size, fees, reputation, user experience, and more. To maximize your investment in Bitcoin, it is important to choose a good trading center that suits your needs. Therefore, we have selected for you the 5 best Bitcoin exchanges for 2018.

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bitstamp stock exchange

We have Bitstamp as the first Bitcoin exchange on this list. This Bitcoin Exchange allows easy and fast trading with Bitcoin, as well as many other crypto currencies and traditional currencies. You can work on Bitstamp.net with a relatively simple user interface, but still provide detailed diagrams and evaluations to enable well-planned investments. The fees of the crypto exchange are relatively low. Bitstamp also does convince with its security protocols. Much of the cryptocurrency is stored in hardware wallets that are almost completely inaccessible to hackers. With all these advantages, you should definitely consider Bitstamp for trading with bitcoins.


Octopus Exchange

Kraken is a Bitcoin exchange founded in 2011 which enjoys a very good reputation. This is mainly due to the various features and advanced security. Kraken supports besides Bitcoin many other cryptocurrencies. In addition, you can deposit some traditional currencies, via bank transfer, and buy bitcoin or other coins. A special feature of Kraken are the various types of accounts that are associated with different levels of identification. These determine the deposit and withdrawal limits as well as the fees. The security of the site is also very good and a 2-factor authentication can be used additionally to protect your account and your transactions. You should definitely take a closer look at Kraken.


changelly stock exchange

Another very popular Bitcoin exchange is Changelly. Here you can trade easily and simply with Bitcoin, as well as many other coins and conventional currencies. The user interface is very simple, which makes the site adequate for crypto beginners. In addition, to use Changelly , no verification is needed and trades are usually done in a very short time. For trading between different crypto currencies, the platform takes a 0.5% transaction fee, which is very low compared to many other Bitcoin exchanges. It is a little more expensive if you want to deposit conventional currencies, as the credit card fees are relatively high. Overall, Changelly is a reliable and reputable Bitcoin exchange that attaches great importance to anonymity.


Bitpanda Stock Exchange

BitPanda is a bitcoin exchange designed to buy and sell bitcoins. In addition to Bitcoin, a few more cryptocurrencies are supported. With the relatively simple user interface, you can easily buy bitcoins via bank transfer, credit card and co, which will then arrive almost immediately into your wallet. The

Selling is also relatively easy. Depending on how you identify yourself, your account has different buy and sell limits. The fees of BitPanda are relatively low, but are not explicitly listed. Instead, they are included in the Bitcoin course. Due to its easy handling and low fees, BitPanda is especially interesting for crypto beginners.


localbitcoins stock exchange

The last Bitcoin exchange on this list is LocalBitcoins. A big advantage of using LocalBitcoins is that you do not need to provide any personal information, thus protecting the privacy of the buyer and seller. The platform is based on the P2P principle. So you agree terms of trade with a trading partner and LocalBitcoin helps to guarantee the security of the transfer. The fees are relatively low at 1% but using certain payment methods can lead to additional costs. In addition, LocalBitcoins is very safe. You should only consider the rating of each seller and buyer and only trade with reliable trading partners.


All in all, there is a wide selection of Bitcoin exchanges you can use. Most important in the selection are aspects such as security and fees. All of the Bitcoin exchanges listed here have a great reputation and offer many advantages over their competitors. So if you want to trade Bitcoin in 2018, you should definitely not ignore Bitstamp, Kraken and Co.

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